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Updated: Mar 24, 2022

UPDATE - March 2022

The battle to protect and save the Historic San Solomon Springs located in Toyahvale, Texas, continues. As the number of Earthquakes in Reeves County, Texas increase so does the potential harm to the springs. San Solomon Spring is a series of artesian and gravity springs formed by subsurface geologic faults - just one earthquake away from disappearing forever!

We have not given-up the fight to save San Solomon Springs and we will continue to protest the permitting of fracking toxic waste water disposal wells in Reeves County, Texas. More information on these protest will be shared soon. Please stay tuned.

Neta Rhyne


Since the beginning of time battles have been fought over water…. for survival.

Today the battles continue. STANDING ROCK sparked a grassroots movement that has grown into a World Wide Movement to the crimes committed against the land the water and the people!

Water Protectors are not well accepted in West Texas. Standing in opposition to the fossil fuel industry invasion is like jumping into a pit of Rattlesnakes! The destroyers of the land roll into town with promises of great wealth and are accepted, no questions asked! As the saying goes “Drill Baby Drill”!

BIG OIL brings in BIG BUCKS …but at what price?



For three years we have been protesting permitting of toxic fracking waste water disposal wells in Reeves County. They are creating underground toxic cesspools which will eventually contaminate our fresh water supplies, ending life in this Desert Oasis as we know it!

As the number of these underground toxic cesspools increased so do Earthquakes …in intensity and frequency. Nine hundred forty, 940, earthquakes from January, 2017 through February 22, 2019 within a 30-mile radius of San Solomon Springs, an 11,000 year springs flowing 18,000 gallons of pure spring water a minute! A true DESERT OASIS.


History of the SAN SOLOMON SPRINGS provides that the APACHE Indians were the first documented to irrigate their crops from SAN SOLOMON SPRINGS. In the early 1940's the Civilian Conservation Corps, CCC, constructed the swimming pool around the source of the springs to provide recreational opportunities.

Today these historic springs are in danger …of disappearing FOREVER! Are the efforts to protect them in vain?? What will it take for the Railroad Commission of Texas to STOP permitting more deep injection fracking waste water disposal wells in Reeves County, Texas?? A catastrophic that will end life in this DESERT OASIS?


Located just West of San Solomon Springs, PHANTOM SPRINGS are also in DANGER OF DISAPPEARING FOREVER!


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