• Neta Rhyne

The RRC HEARING ...an unjust system!

Updated: Jun 10, 2018

Over the past eighteen months I have protested 40 plus disposal/injection well applications. Since attending many prehearing conferences, without assistance of council, in protest to these toxic fracking waste water disposal wells being permitted I have learned the system is set-up in the interest of the oil and gas industry. Gaining "standing" as an "affected person" other than as a member of the general public which would allow me to participate as plaintiff in a permit hearing is impossible. Even though it is the duty of the Railroad Commission of Texas to serve Texas as good stewards of “natural resources" and the "environment” these toxic wells continue to be permitted in an area experiencing a historical increase in seismic activity. As of today there has been 245 Earthquakes within a 30 mile radius of San Solomon Springs in just the past six months!


Without fail every time I walk into the hearing room I become very aware of what I’m up against. Corrupt Corporate Giants with deep pockets and powerful attorneys! The deck is stacked against me as they say!

This hearing proved no different. When I walked into the hearing room I was outnumbered 10 to one. Though being armed with evidence that the recent damage to the San Solomon Springs pool was very possibly caused by the huge surge in seismic activity in the area, I felt confident I would gain standing to protect San Solomon Springs!

MY DAY IN COURT ...to be continued.

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